Ableton Courses

Introduction to Ableton

This intensive two day course will cover aspects of production and DJing in Ableton Live. The course focuses on getting to grips with both the Live sequencer and session views, as well as working audio, MIDI and Ableton built in effects.

No experience of Ableton is necessary and all equipment is provided. Each workstation will consist of a Mac running Live 8, Evolution MIDI controller keyboard and Headphones.

Course tutor: John Walls

John is a Belfast based DJ/Producer and Apple Certified Pro for Logic 9. He has been delivering multimedia and music technology programmes in the business and education sectors for over 8 years as well as producing and remixing for local bands such including Audiables and The Motion Project to name a few.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to OSX
  2. Configuring Ableton
  3. The Ableton Interface
  4. Using Loops
  5. Warping
  6. MIDI editing
  7. Ableton Synths and Samples
  8. Effects
  9. Recording Audio
  10. Mixing
  11. EQ’s, Pan, Volume, Aux Sends/Returns
  12. Using Scenes
  13. Creating sequences
  14. Automation
  15. Exporting

Intermediate Ableton Course

This intensive two day course will cover everything to get you to the next stage in Ableton Live, taking an in depth look at at Ableton sampling and synthesis, understanding compression and EQ.

All equipment is provided with each workstation will consist of an iMac running Ableton, Evolution MIDI controller keyboard and Headphones.

Course tutor: Graham Ginty

Graham is a seasoned tutor, producer, promoter and DJ having been involved in almost every aspect of the NI music scene for over 10 years. As one half of Funkasaurus Graham has DJed internationally and released a whole host of breakbeat, house and techno tracks on labels from as Italy, Spain and the US.

He has also been at the forefront of music education having delivered courses for schools, Further Education colleges and privately since 2003

Course Content: -

  1. Sampling: an in depth look at Ableton’s sampler and how to use samples effectively
  2. Midi & Audio Envelopes: how to program and tweak envelopes to create variation in your track
  3. Ableton Synth Programming: a look at the Operator synth and how to create various sounds such as baselines, pads and leads
  4. EQ: how to effectively EQ any types of sound to give it maximum punch in the mix
  5. Compression: a look at the most misunderstood effect in production, when to use and how to use it properly
  6. Arranging your tracks: how to take loops and turn them into a finished track