Beginner DJ Course

12 Hour DJ Course / 6 Hours a Day x 2 Days / 

Tutor : Gleave Dobbin

These courses offer participants the opportunity to learn all the essentials of Djing. No musical ability is required and no previous experience is necessary! We provide state of the art DJ equipment and experienced trainers for all of our training. Our Experienced tutors guide participants through everything they need to become a DJ: from what equipment to use, to mixing and structuring there own recorded DJ mix from what they learn on the course.

Mix CD’s (recorded and mastered by our tutors) are provided for all participants to take away with them at the end of the program. Participants will also receive a certificate once the course is completed. During these courses, our staff break all of the essentials of DJing down into manageable sections to allow participants to take their first steps to becoming DJs. The advanced course dig’s deeper into the world of DJing & also introduce’s participants to new technology such as Traktor, Serato & the new range of Digital Pioneer products with the CDJ2000 & DJM 2000.

Topics covered include:

  1. Music Selection (All Music Genre’s Covered)
  2. Health and safety – Setting up equipment  – Beats, bars, rhythms & phrasing
  3. Beat matching and mixing – EFX Tricks & Scratching  – Eqs and levels
  4. Structuring A Mix – Final Mix Recording

Day One

A beginners guide to what they need to know into the world of DJing, includes how all the equipment works, health and safety and how to set up the equipment. A closer look into all the different equipment that they will be using in the course and the student’s first hands on experience on how the equipment works and what the equipment can do, everything you need to get you started. Track selection would consist of either the student bringing in their own music from home on a cd or on a hard drive. They can also search through the music on the hard drive provided or use the cd’s supplied to select music to burn and use in their final mix.

The Students start learning how to use the decks & mixers properly and the different ways you can use them to get the best mix possible with the tracks they have selected.

Day Two

This is where the students get to grips with basic hands on mixing and try out different basic mix variations of the tracks that they have selected for their mix. Our tutors work along side the students to help them get the tracks in the best possible order and show them all the different and the best ways to mix the tracks. Having grasped the basics of DJing our tutors will now show you how to start building your set with the tracks that have been selected for your final mix.

Final Mix by all the students, which is recorded live and burned onto a cd master for the student to take home with them along with their certificate. Our advanced courses are structured for those that have some knowledge and past history of DJing.